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Welcome to the Digital Stewardship Curriculum

The Digital Stewardship Curriculum is intended for cultural heritage professionals working in or with Indigenous communities starting digitization and other digital projects. The curriculum is designed to provide useful information and guidance to professionals to meet the needs of Indigenous institutions. Many of the topics are also replicable for small, non-Indigenous institutions.


The curriculum covers all aspects of the Digital Stewardship Lifecycle - bringing materials in, managing and organizing materials, preserving materials, and providing access to materials - all the way from physical materials to digital files. Each part of the curriculum encourages participants to tailor policies, procedures, tools, and other resources based on cultural and community needs.

The Digital Stewardship Curriculum is publicly available in a self-guided format on the Sustainable Heritage Network for use and adaptation by a wider audience. The four curriculum modules (Get It, Check It, Save It, and Share It) can be used together, or individually. Each module includes slides, documents, and videos created for and used in the Digital Stewardship Curriculum. Click on each module to explore a collection of educational resources


Curriculum Modules


Module 1: Get It

Module 2: Check It

Module 3: Save It

Module 4: Share It


Open Content

The curriculum is an Open Educational Resource. These presentations and presentation materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license (CC BY-NC-SA). Please share, reuse, and adapt them and credit the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation, Washington State University. Please note the rights statement and related permissions on materials that may be used with permission from other institutions.



Thank you to our program staff and guest presenters who collaborated to develop and test this curriculum, and the Program participants for their helpful feedback. Thank you to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for its generous funding.


To learn more about the Tribal Digital Stewardship Cohort Program, please visit our project page