Protocols Webinar Series (5): Native American Research Protocols

This webinar is the fifth in a five-part series covering various themes of the Protocols of Native Archives Archival Materials.
Cultural Narrative: 

Webinar Episode #5 focuses on Native American Research Protocols and includes an in-depth conversation with Stewart Koyiyuptewa (Hopi): Program Manager of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, author, and one of the original drafters of the Protocols of Native American Archival Materials.

The conversation highlights the following major issues:  

  • Overview, history, and importance of developing formal Native American Research Protocols to protect traditional knowledge, culture, lifeways, and intellectual property. 
  • Examples of how the Native American Research Protocols have been sucessfully implemented at the Hopi Tribe to defend against misappropriation and abuse of tribal traditional knowledge.
  • Lessons learned and practical examples from working with non-Native researchers in tribal communities, as well as successful examples of collaboration with collecting institutions.
  • As well as favorite memories and stories from drafting the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials.

Links from the webinar to resources:  

Thank you to the sponsors of this webinar – Society of American Archivists and the Sustainable Heritage Network.