2015 ATALM NANH Meeting: Presentations from Jilkaat Kwan Heritage Center, the Kanza Museum, Sealaska Heritage Institute, and the Micmac Museum


This panel consists of speakers discussing their Native American/Native Hawai'ian (NANH) Musueum Services Program funded projects. The first speaker, Lonnie Hotch, from the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center, discusses a project to install the Whale House Collection and complimentary projects to build a cultural center and visitor center and plans for upcoming exhibits. Crystal Douglas, Kanza Museum Director, discusses a collaboration between her institution and the language program that resulted in the creation of a language learning app and a virtual tour that contains oral histoires of the last full-blood members of the Kaw Nation. Chuck Smythe, from the Sealaska Heritage Institute, discusses a project to create an exhibit based on four core values key to the aboriginal peoples of Southeast Alaska. Finally, Jennifer Pictou, Tribal Historic Preservaton Officer at the Micmac Museum, discusses how the museum worked with the NANH to decrease the scope of an over-ambitious grant application to prioritize the creation of policies to ensure the proper care and management of the museum's collections. This meeting took place as part of the pre-conference activities for the 2015 ATALM annual conference in Washington, DC on September 9, 2015.